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Welcome To HHA Training Program.

Get certified and start a new Career at AmiCare Home Services.

We are offering: Morning - Evening -Weekend Classes.

Home Health Aides provide safe and compassionate care at home or in an assisted living facility for people who suffer from illness or injury and might otherwise be placed in the hospital or nursing home. Students in the AMICARE HHA PROGRAM Will be trained to perform tasks which include personal care, nutritional support, and home maintenance.

After completing the Home Health Aide course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of the home health aide, outline the responsibilities involved in caring for home-bound patients, and differentiate the home health aide’s role from other care providers.

  2. Explain how to create a safe environment for the home health aide and the patient by identifying and describing OSHA regulations and other safe care requirements.

  3. Identify and describe proper communication skills with patients, families, other healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

  4. Describe typical duties and care responsibilities for patients of all ages and levels of health, with a focus on identifying issues and care concerns for specific populations.

  5. Identify credible sources of dietary information and describe how to plan, purchase, store, and serve food to patients with different dietary restrictions and health concerns.

  6. Identify and describe specific care regimens performed by the home health aide.

  7. Identify and describe exercises designed to help patients gain and maintain strength and flexibility.

  8. Explain how to take and record vital signs and collect bodily specimens for testing.

Certificate – to earn a Certificate of Completion you must successfully complete the following:

  • Home Health Aide Course

  • 76 Hours Course (60 Hrs Theory & 16 Hrs Clinical)

The Benefits of Our Service:

  • Great environment

  • Great education courses

  • Membership access

  • Students can return free of charge to practice after they have graduated 

  • The amount of experience the entire staff brings to the table

  • We teach from a 6th-grade education level and up, so it is easy to understand

  • We provide training in English and Spanish

  • We care about student education

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