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24-Hour Companion & Personal Care Call us Today 908-287-9444

Why Choose Us
We take care of your needs, wherever you are.

As a home care provider, we want you to trust us with your personal and health needs. Know who we are and our aim.

Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, and patient service.

We are composed of highly trained and competent staff members who are dedicated and experts in delivering home care services in the comfort of our client’s home.

Amicare HS Considerate, private, respectful personal aged care and assistance.

Helping You Live with Dignity

Our Qualified Caregivers have the experience and compassion to provide assistance with everyday personal care tasks,

24 Hour Companion and Personal Care

Does Your Loved One Need Assistance To Help Them Stay Independent At Home? Use This Checklist below To Determine If They Need Help

We offer a wide selection of home care services that are all intended to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve. Check out the services we offer below.

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